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Key Platform Capabilities

Build Next Generation Digital Experiences with FlutterFlow.

Native Multi-Platform

Native iOS, Android , Web, and Desktop applications from a single codebase.

Multi-platform apps -- all developed without writing a line of code with FlutterFlow.

Collaboration Tools

Built in tools for real-time collaboration, project feedback, and version control.

Commenting in FlutterFlow, the best no code / low code builder to deploy native and web apps.

Build Business Logic Visually

Easily implement complex business logic and workflows.

Extend Platform with Code

Add your own custom code inside FlutterFlow to meet your unique use-cases.

Reusable Component Libraries

Shared design, code, and template libraries maximize productivity and ensure consistency.

Own Your IP

Exportable source code gives you complete control and ownership of your application.

Easy Integrations

Connect to any Backend Via REST API / Firebase

Instant Internationalization

Translate your entire application to 100+ languages in seconds.

Localization & Internationalization is as simple as 2 clicks in FlutterFlow, the best low code visual builder to develop applications and launch.

Why FlutterFlow?

Accelerate innovation in any industry

Example applications that can be created using FlutterFlow


Mobile Banking
‍Service Journeys
Kiosk Applications
Internal Applications


Loyalty Apps
In-store experiences
Brand apps


Survey Apps
ERP integrated apps
Field Service apps
Quality Control

Digital Natives

Customer Apps
Partner Apps
Internal Apps
Community Apps

Why Flutter?

Transform your development process with Flutter

Flutter is a framework for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications.

Single Code Base For Native Mobile, Web & Desktop

Write code once that builds across 6 platforms, saving cost and improving code maintainability.

High Quality Applications With Fewer Crashes

Dart (the underlying programming language) is a statically typed language with sound null safety.

Substantial reduction in cost and development timelines

Very rich catalog of built-in widgets for most application requirements.

Rapid features and performance improvements

Flutter has a large and growing community of developers.

“FlutterFlow provides tooling that helps real world developers & users build apps using it ... it’s a straightforward, easy to use tool that can generate very powerful results. FlutterFlow brings the power of a rich platform to everybody.”

Tim Sneath

Director of Product for Flutter & Dart, Google

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