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1. Build

Build Apps Visually

Drag and drop components, and turn designs into real application screens in minutes instead of hours. Take advantage of the various widgets and their properties to build elaborate and beautiful apps.

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Visual builder in FlutterFlow, perfect for building your next Flutter Application.
2. Connect Screens

Connect Your Screens

Control how a user navigates through the app, pass parameters with navigation to enable real-world use cases, and preview the app right in your browser.

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Connect your screens together in FlutterFlow.
3. Connect to Firebase

Connect Your Designs to Firebase

Easily implement dynamic data in your designs, quickly hook up Firebase and then select where those calls are made within your design.

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Connect your designs to Firebase & API Calls in FlutterFlow
4.  Export Code

Preview & Export Code

View the generated code in your browser, copy and paste it to your editor, download and run in your emulator, or connect it with GitHub in order to sync with your repository!

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View, Export Code from FlutterFlow's Visual Builder

This is just the beginning…

Learn FlutterFlow

Dive into our tutorials below in order to learn how to build your application in FlutterFlow in simple steps.

FlutterFlow Youtube Video Cover

A brief overview of how FlutterFlow works, and how you can use it to help build your application!

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FlutterFlow Youtube Video Cover

In this video we learn about how to integrate Firestore into your FlutterFlow apps.

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FlutterFlow Youtube Video Cover

In this video we build on Part 1 to show you more features for integrating Firestore into your FlutterFlow apps…

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FlutterFlow Youtube Video Cover

Add a simple nav bar to your application in order to navigate from page to page of your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I build?

FlutterFlow let's you build many kinds of apps that talk to a simple database/API. You can have stateful elements and add actions to various parts of your app to create/update/delete records. You can also load data dynamically.

How long does it take to build an app in FlutterFlow?

It varies. With experience, it's possible to build a simple app, such as a Todo app, within an hour – complete with full Firebase integration. On average a simple screen that interfaces with Firestore should take under 10 minutes to build.

Can I import an existing app into FlutterFlow?

Importing of existing Flutter code is not possible in FlutterFlow.

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