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UI Builder view of Flutterflow, a no code builder for mobile apps.

Create beautiful screens with our Drag-and-Drop UI Builder

If you can imagine it, you can build it with FlutterFlow. Create stunning and customizable designs with our easy to use UI Builder.

Flutter app built in FlutterFlow - a No code builder for cross platform apps using Flutterflow.Flutter app built in FlutterFlow - a No code builder for cross platform apps using Flutterflow.Flutter app built in FlutterFlow - a No code builder for cross platform apps using Flutterflow.

Save time with UI templates & components

We offer more than 50+ professionally designed screen templates, so you never need to start from scratch.

Choose from more than 40 pre-built widgets to add app functionality (e.g. drop-downs and lists) as well as 3rd Party Integrations (e.g. Algolia, Google AdMob, Braintree).

No code mobile app builder generated code example.

Easily set up and add live data to your app

Setting up your data infrastructure, adding user authentication, and connecting to live data is fast and simple with Firebase.

Connect to any other 3rd party API using our API integration tool.

No code built iPhone app sample.Code snippet view of Flutterflow Code from the UI Builder -- No code builder.No code built Android app sample.

Own Your Creation, Download Your Source Code

As you build in FlutterFlow, we automatically create the code for your mobile app. We follow Flutter best practices, so our code is clean and easy to read.

You can view this code in your browser or download it.

You can also connect to GitHub to easily track and sync any code changes.

Online shared FlutterFlow app with live data.

Gather Feedback and Iterate Quickly

User feedback is critical in app development.

Preview Mode: Users can interact with a prototype of your app. This is great for testing UI design and navigation.

Run Mode: Creates an online version of your app - complete with live data. Users can test full app functionality, no emulator needed.

Other Features

Additional features to help you build awesome mobile apps with FlutterFlow.

Share IconflutterCode Icon in FlutterFlow
Public share links for flutter flow projects.

Simultaneously create iOS and Android apps

Using the power of Flutter, we create one codebase for both platforms.

Github logoGithub logo
Flutter Code Export from FlutterFlow. All the code is yours.

Advanced UI/UX tools to speed up your workflow

Animations and Lottie integration can enhance your design.

bug reporting.
Smart Issue Management, FlutterFlow shows where the issues are and how to take care of them.

Fewer issues with guided troubleshooting

Real-time feedback and error corrections help you avoid and fix potential issues.

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