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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about switching to FlutterFlow? We've got you covered!

Why switch to FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow is quickly becoming one of the most used low-code app development tools. Not to mention, FlutterFlow is powered by Flutter, the most active Github repo compared to similar coding languages. FlutterFlow's visual builder allows you to quickly and easily design beautiful yet complex native applications for almost any device. With the power to export your entire project source code, you can code endlessly with Flutter and feel confident building mission-critical applications!

What databases does FlutterFlow support?

FlutterFlow supports Firebase and Supabase out of the box. Both databases provide generous free plans to users before needing to upgrade, meaning you can test your app with hundreds of users before you may need to pay.

We're working with other databases including Xano, Appwrite, Backendless and Deskree for additional backend solutions via the FlutterFlow Marketplace!

For more information on Firebase pricing, visit the following website: https://firebase.google.com/pricing.

For more information on Supabase pricing, visit the following website: https://supabase.com/pricing

What are the backend costs of apps built with FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow integrates with numerous industry-leading backend systems. That means you can continue to build your project in and out of FlutterFlow with powerful backend solutions that scale. Whether you want to use Firebase, Supabase or another SQL or NoSQL solution, FlutterFlow supports it natively or via integrated API calls. This differentiator between other tools allows you to decide the cost of your application as you continue to scale.

Can I host my responsive application using FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow provides custom-domain hosting for web apps. Every FlutterFlow Pro/Teams account gets one custom-domain without added fees. Additional custom domains can be purchased at $12/mo (billed annually) or $15/mo billed monthly.

FlutterFlow also supports 1-click app publishing to the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Additionally, you could deploy your app to a platform like Firebase, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services after exporting the project.

Can you provide some examples of FlutterFlow applications?

Thousands of applications across the globe have been developed and deployed using FlutterFlow. You'll find numerous application examples across YouTube, Twitter and our official FlutterFlow Community.

You can also find some incredible apps built in FlutterFlow highlighted on our YouTube Channel!

What are the best resources to get started using FlutterFlow?

The FlutterFlow team releases new features weekly, meaning we're always pushing out exciting new content! You can find high quality educational resources on our YouTube Channel, the FlutterFlow Community and across our Blog.

Some other resources might include:
- Migrating Data from Bubble to FlutterFlow/Firebase
- Official FlutterFlow Documentation
- FlutterFlow Experts

*Whom is eligible for 2 months free?

To be eligible for the 2 months of free PRO, users must sign up for a new account using a valid email address. Any attempt to manipulate or abuse the system to receive the offer will result in disqualification. FlutterFlow reserves the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time. By signing up, users agree to abide by the FlutterFlow Terms of Service.

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