FlutterFlow 1.0 is here

May 19, 2021

FlutterFlow launches today! We are so excited to make this publicly available after months of hard work and amazing feedback from our early access users 💜

We are also very honored and humbled to be featured on the Google I/O Flutter keynote, you can watch it here:

What’s possible with FlutterFlow? Check out an app, FlutterMet, that we built in under an hour!  This app integrates with Firebase and the Metropolitan Museum of Art API to enable a simple experience for searching and saving your favorite works of art from the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art!
If you don’t believe us when we say the app took less than an hour to build, we don’t blame you – just months ago we wouldn’t have believed it either. You can watch the full video here of how the app was built on our YouTube channel (share, like, subscribe 😅 ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXsjnd_4SBo

FlutterMet is only one sample of what’s possible. Since FlutterFlow is built on top of Flutter, the best cross-platform UI development framework built by Google and the amazing Flutter Community, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s admit it, building apps today sucks! Changing that status quo is what drove us to start working on FlutterFlow, but we’ve since realized it’s bigger than that. What if we can make it much easier to build apps without limiting what’s possible? There are more and more of us that are creators today, and our mission is to enable and empower you.


FlutterFlow has a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it super easy to build all kinds of apps that work on both iOS and Android. On top of that, letting users own their creation is very important to us, so we enable exporting of the generated Flutter code. It is even possible to directly push to a Github repository from FlutterFlow! Oh, did we mention we export clean Flutter code that follows our best practices? 😱

Additionally FlutterFlow integrates with Firebase, both for user authentication and connecting the UI to a database. There will be more 3rd party services that we’ll integrate with to make your experience of building amazing apps as smooth as possible 😀

These are just some of our features, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube to stay updated.

This is just the beginning. Join us in this journey and get started today!