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Submission Guidelines

Hey awesome creators! 🌟 We're so excited you're here to contribute to the FlutterFlow ecosystem. Whether you're submitting free components, custom code, or premium templates, know that each and every submission goes through our meticulous review process.

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Our Criteria

What We Look At

As you prepare your submission, keep in mind the four pillars that guide our meticulous review process:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Design Excellence

Focus on creating visually stunning and functionally sound designs that are compatible across devices and platforms. Ensure your submissions are original, in English, and accompanied by high-quality metadata for a smooth approval process.

Efficient, Error-Free, and Demonstrably Effective

Robust Functionality

Your project should not just work—it should work well. Prioritize an organized widget tree, stable custom code, and well-scoped state variables. Every feature needs to be error-free and optimized, enabling users of all skill levels to get up and running fast.

Clean, Compliant, and Respectful

Data & Legal

Keep it above board by ensuring your project contains zero personal or confidential data and is entirely compliant with copyright laws. Furthermore, all content should be appropriate and respectful, catering to a diverse, global audience.

Clear, Concise, and Community-Oriented

Documentation & Support

Make your project accessible to everyone by offering straightforward, easy-to-follow documentation. In addition, be ready to engage with the community for any support or questions, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration.

The Details

Full Submission Criteria

To ensure that your contributions meet the high standards of the FlutterFlow community, we've outlined the specific guidelines that form the backbone of our review process. Read on to fully grasp what we're looking for in each category.

Design Guidelines

Aesthetic & Design Excellence

Strive for visually captivating and functionally coherent designs. Follow guidelines on contrast, color schemes, and font consistency. Utilize FlutterFlow's Design System for uniformity and ensure accessibility. Note that our team reserves the right to decline submissions that fall short of our aesthetic benchmarks and will offer constructive feedback for improvement.

Device and Screen Compatibility

Specify your target platform(s) (Android, iOS, Web). Ensure mobile templates are optimized for various screens, and web templates are responsive for both desktop and mobile. Test extensively for each platform.

English Submissions

All submitted content must be in English to ensure a broad understanding among our global community.

High-Quality Metadata

Provide a compelling and clear title and description that succinctly explains the value and purpose of your template. Make sure your featured images are high-quality and genuinely represent the template to prevent any user confusion.


Ensure your project brings something fresh to the Marketplace. Ensure your submission is genuinely yours. Duplicate or overly similar submissions may not be accepted. Also, avoid basing your project on existing Marketplace items or sample apps, or relying on FlutterFlow's built-in component templates.

Functionality Guidelines

Working Run Link

Include a functioning, recent run link to demonstrate your project in action. If your project uses authentication, offer anonymous auth to allow users to explore your template before using it, or provide pre-filled demo credentials.

Widget Tree Structure

Craft your project with a well-organized widget tree. Not only should the hierarchy of nodes be logical and efficient, but important nodes should also have a descriptive and meaningful name.

Widget Integrity

Ensure all widgets in your project are fully functional and free of errors, including pixel overflows and platform-compatibility warnings.

State Management

Scope state variables to the most localized context in which they are needed, be it App-level, Page-level, or Component-level, to ensure efficient data flow and easier maintenance.

Stable Custom Code

Got custom code? Awesome! Just ensure it's bug-free and runs smoothly. If you are submitting a custom code item, ensure that users can test your code in Run Mode.

Data and Legal Guidelines

No Personal or Confidential Data

Keep it clean! Your project should be free of any personal, confidential, or sensitive data, including API keys.

Copyright Compliant

Make sure your work is your own or properly licensed. Your submission must not infringe on any copyrights or contain plagiarized content. Review the Marketplace Terms of Service for more information.

Content Appropriateness

Make sure all content within the project is suitable and respectful for a diverse, global audience.

Functionality Guidelines

Clear Instructions

Offer straightforward, step-by-step instructions for users to implement your template.

Customer Support

Provide a way for users to reach out with questions. Let’s make this a supportive community!