Our year in review & a big thank you!

Launched May 18th 2021

We officially launched our product at Google IO in May,
and we've come a long way since then.

Apps that have been built in Flutterflow by our usersApps Built in Flutterflow by our users.

Key stats from 2021

We loved seeing what our users can build in FlutterFlow, below are some milestones we have crossed this year.

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# apps deployed

With our Codemagic integration, apps can be deployed directly to the App Store and Play Store from FlutterFlow. Some of these apps already have 10,000+ downloads.

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# of users building

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers came to FlutterFlow to build apps.

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# of projects

35,000 of these projects had at least 1 hour spent with over 110,000 hours spent total on projects.

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Lines of code exported

That is 23 million lines of Dart code that didn't have to be written by hand, and countless hours saved.

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Success Rate

Run Mode builds

Run mode is a browser based emulator where you can test the functionality of your app as if it were on a phone!

bug reporting.


# APKs built

Our "Build APK" feature makes it super easy to get an app that can be installed on a local Android device straight from the browser.

Features we launched

We have launched a bunch of features this year, all to help you build something people love. We prioritize features that have been requested in our community. We have many more improvements and features coming in 2022.

A list of features launched in FlutterFlow in 2021. Run Mode, Custom Widgets, Chat, Group Chat, Search, Animations, Firebase CMS, OpenAI Codex integration, RevenueCat, 40+ widgets, Building APKs, Push Notifications, Custom Functions, Braintree integration, Codemagic integrationA list of features launched in FlutterFlow in 2021. Run Mode, Chat, Group Chat, Algolia Search, Animations, Firebase Integration, Firestore CMS, Open AI Codex Integration, RevenueCat integration, Custom Widgets, Custom Functions, Push Notifications, Building APKs, Braintree integration, Direct Deploy via Codemagic and more.

Thank You!

Thanks for your feedback, support and all the love.
We can’t wait to give you more superpowers in 2022!

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