Is FlutterFlow Right For Me?

The Top 4 Reasons FlutterFlow Is

The Best Low-Code Tool For Founders and Entrepreneurs

By 2024, Gartner estimates that 65% of application development will be done using low-code tools. With so many choices and options, choosing the right low-code tool can be confusing. 

UI Builder view of Flutterflow, a no code builder for Flutter Applications.
easily design apps in flutter flow.

Build your MVP or mobile app 10x faster

Getting to market quickly is important, but a poorly designed and buggy app can deter customers and investors. 

FlutterFlow is the only low-code builder that allows you to build a fully customized and interactable UI, without sacrificing design or functionality. 

Flutter app built in FlutterFlow - a No code builder for cross platform apps using Flutterflow.Flutter app built in FlutterFlow - a No code builder for cross platform apps using Flutterflow.
Unlimited Design Options in Flutterflow

Never Start From Scratch With Customizable Templates

First impressions matter. In just a few seconds, users will decide whether or not to abandon your app. UX and design play a big role in this but are extremely difficult to get right.

With FlutterFlow, you never need to start from scratch. We offer more than 30+ professionally designed screen templates.

We also offer more than 40 pre-built widgets and components, with more added every week. These help you to easily add app functionality (e.g. drop-downs and lists) as well as 3rd Party Integrations (e.g. Algolia, Google AdMob).

UI Builder view of Flutterflow, a no code builder for Flutter Applications.
Share your designs in flutter flow.

Gather Feedback and Iterate Quickly

User feedback is critical, especially for early stage companies. Spending too much time on an MVP can be a costly mistake, but a barebones prototype might not have the functionality you need to understand customer sentiment.

FlutterFlow offers two tools for rapid testing and iteration:

  • Share Links: Allows users to interact with a prototype of your app. This is great for validating and collecting feedback on front-end aspects like UI design and navigation.

  • Test Drive: Creates an online version of your app - complete with live data. This allows users to test the full functionality of your app, no emulator needed!

Cross platform production in Flutterflow, Android Deployment of an app.Code snippet view of Flutterflow Code from the UI Builder -- No code builder.UI for gym app built in Flutterflow
save cost in development.

Save Development Time and Costs With One Codebase

FlutterFlow develops cross-platform apps, so you can use one codebase to run on both iOS and Android. This has significant savings in terms of development, testing, and time to market. 

It’s not just individual developers who love Flutter. Corporations are taking notice. Companies like BMW, Sonos, and Betterment are using Flutter to develop their applications. 

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